Bathroom Remodel Contractor  – Tips For Homeowners

Remodeling the bathroom may be the most entertaining experience you’ve had in a while or a very unpleasant one. Choosing the best bathroom remodeling contractor should ensure sure you’re in first place.

Many older bathrooms display the extreme wear of water and moisture degradation from years. Many floor joists have rotted and need to be repaired, and under the floor plumbing has degraded to the point that repair is not an choice. You will pick a qualified contractor that has dealt on dozens of identical issues in the past 15 years or more. That is the perfect approach to insure that anytime anything unexpected pops along he or she won’t be shocked. An examination by a licensed builder with a strong track record of the current bathroom and hundreds of finished projects should remove the concern.

Your contractor will take the very first step in ensuring the bathroom is structurally sound. That would involve checking that water has not reached the sub-floor and that the floor joists will not start cracking or seriously warping. Next, the plumbing test should shed some light on his state. Older bathrooms that include lead drain lines that need to be replaced with PVC drain lines to upgrade them according to code specifications. If that has been decided, you’ll be best informed to decide how much you’ll need to invest on bathroom remodelling.

If you just want to give your bathroom a facelift, just remove your vanity cabinet or pedestal sink, faucet and maybe purchase a new shower curtain, hand towels and a beautifully-framed mirror might make things really clean. For this project a handyman can be suitable if he works closely with a plumber.

However, if your house is over 25 years old, a complete remodeling of the bathroom done by a licensed contracting bathroom is possibly in order. In this situation it is an alternative to transform a soaking tub to a Jacuzzi or Whirlpool. Some homeowners feel that they just don’t need a bath after all and would instead build a large walk-in tub with frameless glass doors and a lounge room in marble. Ceramic tile designs assist in building the ideal bathroom. Heated floors and double-vanity cabinets are only two of the choices when you plan to perform a full-scale remodeling of your new bathroom.